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Our Vision

Vidyakansha would like to create a world class education platform, which would be accessible to all, free of cost, to enable a seamless knowledge transfer from the brightest and most dedicated urban teachers to the marginalized students living in the remotest corners of the country. To do so, it would harness the latest tools and technology for the benefit of the lowest rung in the society.


A Letter From Our Founder

The COVID lockdown brought education to a standstill for children all over the world. However, this disruption hit some worse than others. Inequalities in the society- be it geographic or economic, tend to percolate into education; an inevitability exacerbated by the pandemic.


We started Vidyakansha in June’2020 as a humble initiative to re-ignite the joy of learning for the children in the Pakhrauni Village of Bihar, my hometown. A couple of classes with the students was all it took to uncover the glaring gaps in the quality of Rural education. A weak academic & inter-personal foundation festers Rural children’s self-confidence & motivation to excel, in turn, restricting their career growth and development.


This is what Vidyakansha aims to address- by enabling an academic, practical knowledge and skill transfer between the brightest urban minds from Tier 1 educational institutions and children from the remotest villages of the country.


What began as one-on-one tutoring for 5 eager students over Whatsapp Video call, gradually transformed into a nation-wide movement for the upliftment of Rural India encompassing diverse course offerings like female hygiene, mental health , career counselling in addition to best-in-class academic learning.


Having reached out to 5 states in the country, we have a long way to go, and we can’t wait to empower children all over the world!

-Aishwarya Mishra

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Our Mission

We would like to become a technology platform enabling seamless connect between brightest, most dedicated volunteers and teachers to the students living in the remote villages in India leveraging a world-class infrastructure of technology platforms by:

  1. Being best in class with high standards of quality education and pedagogy

  2. Motivating and inspiring the best brains to cultivate and rekindle the joy of learning in the children in Rural India

  3. Constantly upgrading and improving through innovation and continuous feedback from all stakeholders including volunteers and students 

  4. Committing to the highest standard in terms of ethics, integrity, social and rural development.

- Aishwarya Mishra

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